Sustainable reinforcing steel

Reinforcing steel is a significant part of any major construction project. The supply chain for reinforcing steel, its production, distribution, processing and delivery to a construction site, is complex. At each stage in the supply chain, steel is transferred from one company to another. This global purchasing and local use requires effective management of the supply chain if construction projects are to be delivered on time and on budget. The CARES approach to product certification is unique and provides a positive link, often referred to as full product traceability or ‘chain of custody,’ throughout the whole supply chain from the producer to the end-user.

Reinforcing steel producers and processors are coming under increasing pressure to take actions to mitigate their climate change impacts. Such impacts are connected with the level of greenhouse gas emissions and are commonly referred to as the business carbon footprint. In response to this demand and building upon the full product traceability required by its Product Certification Scheme, CARES have developed a Sustainable Reinforcing Steel Certification Scheme.

What is Sustainable Reinforcing Steel certification?

The objective of the CARES Sustainable Reinforcing Steel Certification scheme is to provide independent certification of the environmental performance of steel products. The assessment is based on an environmental management system to ISO 14001 and, in addition, the identification, collection, auditing and reporting to CARES of certain sustainability data. The environmental criteria were developed by a group of industry experts, and cover the entire supply chain from the production of the steel through its processing to the delivery of the finished product to the construction site.

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