Midland Steel operate a reinforcing steel technical department consisting of engineers and detailers that can help develop off site prefab solutions for your next project.

3D detailing & BIM is our specialty.  We recommend early involvement from our clients in order to get the very best results.

By using the latest 3D software, Midland Steel’s technical department is able to work with any 2D or 3D drawings and develop solutions suitable for inport in to any Building Information Model (BIM). This enables them to plan, early in the project, the most optimal reinforcing steel layouts and pour programmes to achieve the most programme and cost benefit to the client.

Furthermore, by taking the project BIM and adding the reinforcing steel model to it, areas of complexity can be simplified, missing bars can be identified and any errors on the drawings can be rectified prior to any bars being cut. The model can also be put though software that identifies clashes.

Collaborative Working

Midland Steel pride themselves, through their people, software and processes, on delivering a truely customer focussed and driven service. Over the past few years they have built an engineering and technical department that is able to provide real value to their clients through collaborative working principles. To reinforce this operating methodology, they are currently working towards certification to BS 11000: Collaborative Business Relationship Management systems.

Core Benefits

Optimal Programme

By involving Midland Steel early in the project, pour layouts and RC programming can be optimised based on loose fix, prefab cages or special mesh layouts (or a combination of all three). Being able to model the cost vs time impacts of these options ahead of the build can considerably reduce programme times.

Reduced Errors

When 3D detailing is done, any drawing errors, missing bars or complex areas can be found and resolved prior to arrival of steel on site. In addition, clash detection software can be used to ensure that the reinforcement will not be obstructed (or obstruct) other building elements.

Collaborative BIM

The UK Governernment has committed itself to requiring collaborative 3D BIM on all Government projects by 2016. Midland Steel can support companies in achieving this by adopting collaborative working principles (to BS 11000) and by ensuring all detailing is in 3D and compatable with all BIM software