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Midland Steels new facility at London Thamepsort allows us to cater for reinforcement elements up to 40 tonnes prefabricated.  This includes diaphragm wall reinforcement cages, pad foundations, pile caps, ground beams, slabs, walls, stair cores, columns and beams to rising elements.

Midland Steel are certified to CARES appendix 6 and Appendix 10 for the in-house welding of reinforcing steel bars.

They offer a full service for prefab including 3D detailing, reinforcement optimisation and prefabrication of cages. In all cases, each project is looked at individually and a prefab plan developed with the client. In some cases it is better to build prefabricated reinforcing cages, in others, special mesh may be more suitable. It is also important to examine site constraints (such as lifting capacity and site storage) to ensure that what is delivered to site can be installed quickly and simply.

Over the years, Midland Steel have developed their capacity and capability to deliver high quality cages and are now a company that is driving the UK industry forward in the supply of these products.

Please contact your nearest depot to find out how Midland Steel can speed up and simplify your next project.

CARES Approved Welding

When steel bars are welded together the metalurgy of the bars is affected. Ensuring that the structural, reinforcing steel bars are still able to deliver their full 500N/mm2 yield strength after being welded is of vital importance.

In order to ensure that this is the case, Midland Steel only use CARES certified welders and carry out welding only inside their approved facilities. For this reason, you can be assured that the prefabrication of the cages will not harm the performance of the steel.

Core Benefits

Health & Safety

Supplying prefabricated cages to site rather than loose bars has many health and safety benefits. Firstly, and primarily, as the cages are lifted in to position by crane, there is no heavy-lifting required by the fixers. Also, by removing the need to tie bars together, the site is not littered with stray bars and pieces of tying wire with the added benefit of needing fewer fixers making fewer movements around site.

Programme Efficiency

Through early involvement in a project, Midland Steel can help to re-engineer a reinforcing solution that can save time and money on site. With advanced detailing consideration, prefabricated cages can be optimised to increase the speed of construction on site. This is a very different mentality to simply prefabricating a loose bar arrangement, this is true value-added performance.

Reduced Skilled Labour

Using prefabricated cages can dramatically reduce the complexity of placing reinforcement on-site. Rather than requiring skilled fixers to select the correct bar bundles and follow a set of detailed drawings, cages can be placed by simply following a numbering system on colour-coded layouts. Most prefab projects can be handled by one skilled fixing foreman with unskilled labourers.

JIT Delivery

As Midland Steel use industry-leading process management software, programming the production of cages and deliveries to match site programming is second nature. With the added benefit of running their own in-house fleet of vehicles, they are able to offer Just In Time (JIT) deliveries to any UK site with confidence.

Improved Accuracy

When using prefabricated cages, most of the complexity can be taken out of the project during the re-detailing and cage manufacturing process. This means that any errors in the drawings, omissions of bars or issues such as over-crowding can be resolved prior to the reinforcing steel arriving on site.

Simplified Checking Process

It is usually much easier to check the key dimensions of a prefabricated cage prior to lifting it in to position than it is to check the position and diameter of loose bars once they have been fixed in place. This can much increase site accuracy and the speed and ease of the checking process.