Double Skin Slab Material 2017-07-11T08:26:49+00:00

A Midland Steel Patented Product

Midland Steel have designed, developed and patented Double Skin Slab Material to enable us to complete the rebar elements faster on construction sites and remove approx. 85% Fixing time.  The typical way for a slab to be fixed for concrete is by loose rebar being delivered to site and steel fixers fix & tie the steel manually according to drawings. 

Our product is designed by engineers and is fixed off-site in a slab format, then delivered to site in one piece and dropped into the area, ready for concrete.

We combine 2 layers of reinforcement, detailed and produced with the proper depths to cover an area of 50m2.

This enables us to lift the steel reinforcement slab in 1 crane lift onto location, within minutes compared with days or possibly weeks steel fixing loose bar by hand.