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A Midland Steel Patented Product

Midland Steel prefabricate Double Skin Slab Reinforcement panels for the Irish and UK construction markets. This off-site prefabrication saves up to 75% of time when compared to the traditional on-site method of steel fixing. This product gives the client a distinct time and quality advantage over the traditional method and requires as little as three steel fixers to install the panels on-site.

From the company’s experience during previous projects, a 12m long panel can be installed and fixed in 15 minutes. These panel are pre-slung to allow an efficient installation process and are supplied with a Temporary Works Design Certificate and an installation key plan sequence.


Midland Steel design the prefabricated Double Skin Slab Panels to meet client demands for concrete slabs and multi-storey structures.

We can develop a 3D model to a fully BIM Level 2 model following the design intent and through constant communication with the client.

Each panel is manufactured following the 3D model with two layers of mesh and spacers. We offer the option of both automatic and manual splice depending on site restraints and requirements.


Our product uses an installation sequence pattern onsite to ensure each panel is placed in its designated area.

On delivery the client is supplied with a key plan indicating the installation sequence in accordance with each delivery.

All panels arrive on-site pre-slung and loaded in a reverse order sequence to ensure a swift and efficient installation on delivery.

Delivery Key Plan


See Our Installation Process Here

Each panel’s pre-slung slings are attached to the crane and guided into position following the key plan.

Every 15 minutes a 12-meter-long panel can be installed.

As few as three steel fixers is required onsite for the installation process.

This product offers a significant reduction in on-site labour not only saving
labour costs but increasing on-site safety with the elimination of loose bars.

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“Shay Murtagh Precast contracted Midland Steel to design and prefabricate reinforcement cages for a 50x50m 400mm base slab in North London. Midland designed and modelled all elements utilizing Tekla. This model was then fed into Shay Muztagh’s main design to ensure all deconflictions had taken place prior to works commencing on site. 95Tonne of steel was placed by a crane in

a sequential fashion and spliced by 3No Steel fixers … This shaved 2 weeks from our install programme benefiting SMP and the client… It is always a pleasure to deal with Tony and his team. Great customer care and always there at the end of the phone. “

Eoin Regan, Project Manager, Shay Murtagh Precast Ltd

Working throughout the winter months, the offsite prefabrication strategy delivered significant benefits in logistics management, safety and in offsetting the impact of inclement weather.”

Joe O’Sullivan, General Manager, SISK Pharma Division