Midland Steel are CARES approved suppliers of cut and bent reinforcing steel products.

At the time of placing an order, bar bending schedules can be electronically entered in to the industry-leading process control management system (Armaor) installed at all depots. From this point on, the order can be tracked and each step recorded, through barcode scanning, to ensure that every delivery note tallies precisely with every kilogram on the vehicle.

It is this close control of the process that sets the company appart from the competition and is the reason that clients who use Midland Steel, stay with Midland Steel.

In addition to large projects, each depot also runs a “Call & Collect” service where reinforcing steel products can be ordered, paid for and collected on the same day. Please contact you local depot for more information.

Shape Codes

Please click below to see the full list of BS8666:2005 shape codes with dimensional requirements all of which are available from your nearest depot

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Rebar Tables

Please click below to see the most commonly used reinforcing steel tables from BS8666:2005 and BS4449:2005 including details

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CARES Approval

Please click below to view all the certificates awarded to Midland Steel by CARES (the Certification Authoriity for Reinforcing Steel) for their full range of services.

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