GRIPTEC® Rebar Splicing System

Griptec® is a full performance (tension / compression / cyclic / fatigue) rebar splicing system designed to comply with the world’s most stringent project specifications.

Griptec® complies with BS 8597 and CARES TA1-A, TA1-B and TA-1C (download certificates on manufacturer’s website).

What is Griptec?

  • A standard Griptec connection is made from the connection of one male and one female sleeve, both are extruded onto the end of their respective rebar.
  • A full “bar break” system when loaded in tension to destruction, with the break outside the influence of the connection, when used with BS 4449 grade 500 rebar.
  • Intermediate connectors allow for Positional/Bridging applications when the bars cannot be rotated.
  • No reduction of cross-section area of the bar, guarantees the full ductility of the reinforcement.


  • Available for rebar diameters 12mm to 50mm.


  • At the Midland Steel rebar workshop, a systematic proof load tensile test is performed on each and every Griptec sleeve to rebar connection, ensuring the integrity and strength of connection.


Standard connection when rebar can be rotated.

Position connection with intermediate stud. No rebar need to be rotated.

Benefits at Site

  • Install in a few seconds by simply rotating one of the two bars or the intermediate element.
  • Compact design for congested applications.
  • Reliable: all threads are factory-produce and factory-controlled.
  • Joints verified by visual inspection with no requirement to induce a specific torque value.
  • Sleeves threads protected by individual protection cap with specific color code per diameter.
  • ISO metric parallel threads ensure no cross threading during assembly.
  • Full support by Dextra and Midland Steel UK staff.